From Signal’s crash, I can see how many WhatsApp woks this time from the side | Pazu 土豆伯伯

Signal will be down from the evening of January 15th to January 16th, and the service has resumed one after another. However, in terms of my usage, the most noteworthy thing is not just the Signal server problem, but the period when Signal has problems. , My WhatsApp still hasn’t ringed, it’s not a single message.

It’s not because I have no friends, but my friends would rather use Telegram to contact me instead of using WhatsApp, which was once the exclusive leader, to contact me as a backup. When Signal went out, WhatsApp took the opportunity to issue a press release to change the ultimatum to force users to surrender their privacy from February to May.

However, the kneeling motion seems to have been difficult to reverse the momentum, and many people would rather switch to Telegram to communicate than WhatsApp.

Some people think that WhatsApp can benefit from Signal’s accident, but the facts reflect that, at least among my friends, it highlights the end of WhatsApp.

In the long run, it is really important to have a backup contact plan, and Telegram is a suitable backup plan. Except for Secret chat, Telegram does not have peer-to-peer encryption. This is a problem, but Telegram is a good choice as a temporary backup solution.

I suggest you:

  1. Keep Signal as the main communication tool
  2. To use Telegram as a backup communication tool, it is best to register the same phone number as Signal.

The privacy settings on Telegram are recommended as follows:

Settings → Privacy and Security → Phone number:

Who can see my phone number: Nobody

Who can find me by my number: Everybody

In addition, a problem with Signal will certainly affect the user experience, especially for new users. But to be fair, the number of users of a software jumped from 10 million to 50 million within a few days, and 40 million more people in just a few days. Even if it is strong technical support, it will inevitably be Some omissions, and judging from their response on Twitter, they have been repaired and dealt with immediately.

Perhaps from another perspective, a software has more than 40 million users in just a few days, and it was not until today that there was an accident, which is actually a good performance.

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