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Friday 24 June 2011

A complaint has been filed in the Superior Court of Ontario (Canada) against Alternatives International by Ms Cherna Rosenberg on June 2nd, 2011, concerning our support to the Canadian Boat to Gaza where she claims over a million dollars in damages. The claim alleges that the actions of Alternatives International «are a step in the chain of conduct that ultimately leads to the rocket attacks that have traumatized the Plaintiff and caused her much suffering and loss». It matters to recall what is the project.

Freedom Flotilla-II named “Stay Human”, includes one Canadian Boat named Tahrir. This initiative comes from global civil society organizations representing dozens of international coalitions. It is in the wake of continued inaction from many governments to stop Israel’s human rights abuses that they have launched this initiative. This is an extremely important pacifist and humanitarian initiative to help Gaza people. It is a step towards breaking the illegal and inhuman blockade of Gaza, entering its fifth year, imposed by Israel.

It should be noted that nearly two hundred organizations and trade unions from Canada are supporting this initiative both politically and financially. Amongst the supporters are major trade unions in Quebec and Canada, community organizations, First Nations groups, women’s organizations from all over the country. You can see the names of all the organizations and individuals that support the initiative on the website of CBG :[4]

Regarding the lawsuit, we believe that this attack is political in nature in spite of it’s being in the form of legal documents. Says the lawyer of Alternatives International: “I believe that Cherna Rosenberg’s claim against Alternatives International has no merit whatsoever. First of all, when considering the admissibility of George Galloway to Canada last year, the Federal Court of Canada found that even contributing funds directly to Hamas for humanitarian reasons does not make the donor a party to any crime. Moreover, Alternatives International is not supplying the Hamas authorities, directly or otherwise. In my opinion, it is absurd for Ms Rosenberg to claim anything, much less over a million dollars, from Alternatives International and its co-defendant. I have advised Alternatives International of my view that they should continue their important humanitarian work and not be deterred by what I regard as a frivolous lawsuit.”

In our ongoing solidarity campaigns for Palestinian rights we reaffirm our strong support to the upcoming thematic forum “World Social Forum in Solidarity with Palestine” in November 2012 in Brazil. We are an active member of the international steering committee of this initiative and are working closely with Palestinian civil society organizations and Brazilian host organizations and other international solidarity groups. We appeal to all international solidarity organizations to support and actively work to make this a great success.

  • Feroz Mehdi, General Secretary Alternatives International
  • Ronald Cameron, President, Alternatives, Montreal
  • Monique Crinon, President, Le Réseau Initiatives Pour un Autre Monde (IPAM), Paris
  • Michael Warschawski, President, Alternative Information Center, Jerusalem
  • Refaat Sabbah, Director, Teacher Creativity Center, Ramallah
  • Vinod Raina, President, Alternatives Asia, New Delhi
  • Moussa Tchangari, Director, Alternative Espaces Citoyens, Niamey
  • Pedro Ivo Batista, President, Associação Civil Alternativa Terrazul, Fortaleza
  • Kamal Lahbib, President, Forum des Alternatives Maroc (FMAS), Rabat

Feroz Mehdi at 514-982-6635 
Michel Lambert at 514-982-6606; ext. 2001 
Lawyer of Alternatives International, Mr. Peter Rosenthal:


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