Signal Sciences Surges with Strong Customer Demand for its Award-Winning Web Protection Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.   – Signal Sciences[1], the world’s most trusted web defense, today announced the latest innovations for its award-winning[2] Web Protection Platform, which continues to grow its strong customer base on account of its unique next-gen web application firewall (WAF)[3] and runtime application self-protection (RASP)[4] approach. Rapid adoption has tripled revenue growth each year as organizations deploy Signal Sciences for comprehensive, scalable threat protection and security visibility for critical web applications, microservices and APIs. The company provides a unique approach to web application security through a now patented architecture and innovative features designed explicitly to address the challenges posed by DevOps, cloud and agile development.

As businesses embrace cloud and DevOps[5] to meet the demands of a software-driven digital transformation, defending web applications and APIs has become a critical challenge. Legacy WAFs are built for historical uses in datacenters and applications with waterfall development methodologies. This has created an urgent need for a better way to protect new apps, APIs and services with the performance customers demand and the security businesses require.

Signal Sciences patented architecture provides security[6], operations[7] and development[8] teams with the visibility, security and scalability needed to protect against the full spectrum of threats their web applications now face, from OWASP Top 10 to account takeovers, API misuse and bots. Breaking through the limitations of the legacy WAF approach, Signal Sciences is used by a stunning 95 percent of customers in fully automated blocking mode while completely eliminating the learning, tuning and complexity required from legacy WAF solutions.

“You can’t run a modern digital business on technologies designed for a slower-paced era,” said Andrew Peterson, Signal Sciences co-founder and CEO. “We designed Signal Sciences to eliminate the roadblocks, delays and manual effort associated with outdated and inflexible web application security technologies. We’re especially pleased to see the strong adoption we’ve earned among other security technology companies—a powerful validation of our approach and impact.”

Customers Hail Performance and Accuracy

Built to scale, Signal Sciences is being used in the world’s largest web services. The solution now protects more than 100 billion web requests every week and identifies and stops unique attackers every minute.

Signal Sciences customers worldwide now include more than a dozen of the most trusted security companies on the planet such as Duo Security, Tenable, and Red Canary. For example, Duo Security, the leader in trusted access, needed application security for its leading authentication platform and websites without negatively impacting user experience or introducing additional security risks. Duo’s prior experience with hardware and cloud WAFs introduced single points of failure, requiring the company to look for other solutions. Duo chose Signal Sciences for its ability to provide immediate security visibility and blocking, as well as for its unique architecture, which gave Duo’s operations team confidence that the solution would scale without impacting performance.

“We were really impressed with how easily our deployment went. Dropping Signal Sciences into our existing highly-available architecture with minimal effort was critical to the project’s success,” said Nick Soulliere, VP of Production Engineering, Duo Security. “In production, the solution has shown incredible intelligence in knowing what to block. Our customers have been completely unaffected by false positives, helping us deliver the performance and reliability they depend on.”

What’s New with Signal Sciences

At RSA, Signal Sciences is demonstrating new technology advancements coupled with expanded platform support for better security, visibility and scalability.

  • IP anonymization aids GDPR compliance – Customers can request that all user IP addresses be anonymized within Signal Sciences. This is designed to assist customers with their compliance program, including the upcoming E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Broadened platform with HAProxy support allows universal deployment – Signal Sciences is completely infrastructure-agnostic, deployable in any application stack while integrating with current workflows and operations processes. Now with HAProxy support, a critical integration point for many enterprise infrastructures, Signal Sciences is the only solution to work on any cloud, any container, any PaaS and any IaaS.
  • Advanced filtering allows customization – The ability to configure advanced blocking or allowing of requests based on arbitrary conditions enables customers to keep Signal Sciences in blocking mode based on how their specific applications work.
  • Virtual patching blocks known CVEs – One-click virtual patching lets customers protect their applications from published vulnerabilities even before their software has been patched.

Signal Sciences[9] is the only solution in the web application security market that works across any architecture, providing the broadest coverage against real threats and attack scenarios as well as integrations into DevOps tools that enable engineering and operations teams to share security responsibility. Signal Sciences software can be deployed as a next-gen WAF[10], RASP[11] or reverse proxy for comprehensive application coverage.

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Signal Sciences protects the web presence of the world’s leading brands. Through its Web Protection Platform, Signal Sciences helps companies defend their journey to cloud and DevOps with a practical and proven approach, built by one of the first teams to experience the shift. Based in Culver City, California, Signal Sciences customers include Chef, Etsy, Adobe, Datadog, WeWork and more.

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